Our Certified Credit Counselors provide unbiased financial advice to help find the best debt program for you. Stop struggling with credit card, medical bill, personal loan, or student loan debt, call us today to find a debt consolidation program that's perfect for you.

Credit Counseling

A Credit Counseling Service, also known as a Debt Management Program, will help you reduce interest rates on your credit cards, possibly lower your monthly payment, consolidate all your credit card debt into one monthly payment. A Credit Counseling program will also stop any future over limit and late fees. Credit Counseling is a way to pay off your debt fast without destroying your credit. Credit Counseling is minimally invasive and often a great fit for people who need just a little credit card debt relief and not a very aggressive program. On a Credit Counseling, or Debt Management program, you are repaying 100% of your debts, but with lower interest rates and slightly lower monthly payments. Most Credit Counseling Programs do not impact your FICO score directly. Therefore, this program is a great fit for people who have credit card debt at high interest rates and are juggling payment, who simply want some relief consolidating their payments into one monthly payment at lower interest rates. If you are very behind, and seriously struggling with credit card and other unsecured debts you may want to look into a debt negotiation program which is a great alternative to bankruptcy.

A Bankruptcy Alternative

Debt Negotiation is a great alternative to Bankruptcy, which could have your debt reduced in as little as 24 months. While bankruptcy may stay on your credit report for up to 10 years, a Debt Negotiation or Debt Reduction program will propose settlements to your creditors and may have those settlements paid in full. The impact of a Debt Negotiation or Reduction program are less severe emotionally and socially. Program fees vary, but are typically 21% of debt enrolled.

If you are having trouble making your monthly debt payments, our debt program will help you with one affordable program payment which could be less than your current payment.

Most people would be in debt the next 20 years if they only paid the minimums on their credit card payments. However, with our debt programs you may be able to resolve your debt in as little as 24 to 48 months.

Our Certified Credit Counselors are here to provide a unbiased, free, and no obligation savings consultation to see how much you can save and how soon you could resolve your debt simply call 866-206-5574